My Home Media Iomega NAS works quite well. But of course I wanted to play a bit with it. And with help of the guys at everything started out quite nice!

But I they missed out on one detail, to get apt-get to work; I had no internet connection from my NAS.

Our friends over at Cibercity had of course had similare problems – with a missing gateway. So I executed

route add link-local gw router_ip eth0

and my problems were gone. Is swapped default with link-local, and router_ip was my local router ip: 192.168.x.x.

Oh – Fedore does not like my Dell – and Unity sucks – so Xubuntu – I am back!

Evernote, Awesome note etc etc. what have you. But why should I pay to keep track of my thoughts, when I can do it for free on a private WordPress blog? I must have missed something. Thoughts?

(continuously updating)
  • From time to time, when wanting to search my device (iPad), the onscreen keyboard does not pop up.
  • Newsstand – shouldn’t the downloads sync between my iPad and iPhone?
  • installation process of iOS 5 when quite smooth on iPad vs iPhone. I actually thought something was wrong until I picked up my iPhone and saw that it was actually waiting for me…
  • I have had crashes in app store, safari, newsstand, opera, music, Flipboard. This is not good apple!
  • And why am I not allowed to save photos to existing albums – why do I have to create a new one?
  • Downloading video podcasts does not set downloading state – but actually allows me to que multiple downloads of same podcast.
  • Existing notes on phone were not migrated to iCloud once set up. However, one devices with no notes, choosing device as default for notes, is not an option… I guess they want people to use iCloud.
    (i manually moved them to iCloud including the excellent question that Walter recieved:
    Is it true that women age like fine wine?
    My wife age like milk! – Walter via Jeff Dunham )
  • how on earth do I share a calendar from my iPad?? just show some default page…
  • TBA
As a side note, on – i am allowed to mark the same mail unread twice, making the count for unread mail be two, when the only mail I have is the welcome mail to icloud.
And after I read the mail, and chose a different folder, it turned “unread” again. I had to delete it completely to make it stop. Now I have a strange behavior for Notes. I clicked one as “unread” – but “reading” the note, does not update the unread counter on the folder for Notes.
That aside, I like the simple interface and settings menu. This will be a real seller for non-techy people.

I was looking for an answer to this. And found this answer on forum

I have now tested four different services. All giving me access to my files from my iPhone. Though not all support Linux – which is a major drawback.


The most familiar site, and the one I have used for years. I’d say that Dropbox may be the simplest of them all. You have a dedicated folder, and whatever you want to keep in the cloud, you place this folder. It cannot be simpler. Version control online, allowing you to restore an older version of a file. 2 GB of free storage. $9.99/50GB and $19.99/100GB per month.  $99 per year for 50GB is just that – $99. Shave a bit off, and a wider market may open up.


Just discovered this. Instead of a folder, you get a mapped network drive. It is just as simple as Dropbox , but it comes with another feature: it allows you to sync whatever folder you have on your computer, without moving them to the ZumoDrive. You link them to your ZumoDrive, and the folders are automatically synced. The linked folders are placed in a folder structure by its computer and folder name. Quite nice. Of course you may also use the ZumoDrive the same ways as Dropbox , by placing files and folders directly on the drive. Their pricing is more complex; they give 2GB for free, and 50GB is priced same as Dropbox.

ZumoDrive’s iPhone app is also better integrated than Dropbox’. It has potential – if their known bugs are fixed. I am getting a bit tired of their 500 ERROR on their website as well…


This provider is somewhat different. You do get your multiple(!) folder structure which you can work directly in, but it is not intuitive – or let me say – not as simple as Dropbox or ZumoDrive. It comes with an application which lets you get full overview. I believe by learning how SugarSync works, might prove more feature full than the others. But I need to test more. They do provide 5GB free account, which is the biggest of them all. Their paid plan is cheaper than Dropbox; or they give you 60 GB for $99 a year. They also have a 30GB for $4.99/month. Unfortunately, they do not have Linux support.

Ubuntu One

Is a service provided from Canonical, which currently have the most populare Linux distro; Ubuntu – a Debian distro. It gives you 2 GB free storage, and is designed to integrate into your Gnome Nautilus file explorer. It also have a paid plan, which is surprisingly pricy. It also sport a Music shop which is a nice twist. It integrates well into Banshee Media player. I have not used Linux in a while, but did create my Ubuntu One account some time ago. However, as Dropbox also works flawlessly on Linux, and given that it is a rather new and somewhat unstable service, I have yet to stress test it.  They also want’s to be paid in order to use their iPhone app… which is a showstopper. At least if you plan syncing your mp3 collection and streaming them to your iPhone.


I dare not say one is better than the other. All provide an easy web interface. All have an iPhone app which let’s you gain access to all your stuff. Try them out, and see which one fits you best. I am doing this now, cause I am not quite sure if I dare building my own backup NAS. There may also be several other nice alternatives, but these are the ones I currently have installed on my computer.

iPhone Photos app error

The Photos app in my iPhone running iOS 4.3.3 has issues! From time to time the scoller bar is misplaced – it is not aligned correctly with the top folder. Meaning, I cannot get into my Camera Roll!

I believe the ZumoDrive is the first real alternative to Dropbox. And their iPhone app rules! It also creates a mapped network drive instead of a folder, as Dropbox does. Their pricing is also more friendly – and that is important – at least for me!

My Iomega Home Media NAS made some funny noises the other day. I am getting scared that my only copy of digital music, and my backup of photos needs a new storage place! And how cool wouldn’t it be if this was in the Cloud!

I need 50+GB, so let’s see if ZumoDrive can give Dropbox a challenge.

Windows 7 does not provide any built-in quality backup software, but luckily, they provide a free product called SyncToy.

The product is very easy to use. You create a folder pair which are to be synced. You can choose to synchronize, echo or contribute; the former being the default, and in my eyes the expected behaviour. Using the synchronize setting, any changes you make on either the two folders, will be copied to the other folder. This allows multiple computers sync, e.g. photo from a server to multiple computers, where all editing will be synced to all computers.

The only real drawback, is that syncing must done manually. The changes are not synced in real-time. The help text provides an easy way to schedule a synchronisation event; using the Task Scheduler in Windows.

Microsofts Skydrive may be one of the best free cloud services out there today; at least when it comes to storage. Currently it offers 25GB, and no other provider is matching this (at the time I wrote this). Being a fan of Dropbox for some years, which also keeps a local copy on my harddrive, it will be hard for SkyDrive to put Dropbox aside as my preferred cloud service.

I’d like to keep a backup of all my photos, and measuring 16+GB and steadily increasing, I need more than the 2-5GB that Dropbox, BOX and other providers give for free. SkyDrive provides storage so why not use it!

I had trouble mapping the SkyDrive manually to Explorer; it simply did not allow other file types than Office files.

SkyDrive Explorer solved these issues. It is a freeware which easily gives access to your SkyDrive in a familiar GUI; Windows Explorer. So interfacing is no problem. And it transfer whatever you give it!

So far, it seems to run smoothly. There is a small lag, but it is acceptable. I guess this may be due to a low outgoing bitrate. I will have to test is more in order to see if it works properly, but as far as I can see, other reviewers online likes it as well.