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I just installed CLI from the alternate hardy heron ubuntu iso. I was going to add the necessary repositories to install LXDE from the PCMan’s repository. The only problem was that my keyboard did not want to type the character [tilde]=~.

My workaround

From my main install, I created and uploaded a file called [tilde.txt] which contained only the ONE character ‘~’. I was able to get this and append it to sources.list – and voila 🙂

$ wget http://location/tilde.txt
$ sudo su
$ cat tilde.txt >> /etc/apt/sources.list

I could now complete the full deb-location and install.


A beautifull, lightweight, highly customizable X-system monitor – Conky. Works on my Xfce and LXDE Xubuntu install.

Add to Start-up Applications “$ conky -d”, which in Xubuntu will be located here: ~/.config/autostart/conky.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Conky Monitor
Comment=System Monitor
Exec=conky -d

My ~/.conkyrc (borrowed mostly from a post on :

background yes
use_xft yes
xftfont HandelGotD:size=9
xftalpha 0.5
update_interval 1.0
total_run_times 0
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
double_buffer yes
minimum_size 200 5
maximum_width 200
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
default_color white
default_shade_color red
default_outline_color green
alignment top_right
gap_x 12
gap_y 48
no_buffers yes
uppercase no
cpu_avg_samples 2
override_utf8_locale no

$sysname $kernel on $machine

Uptime $alignr $uptime
Load $alignr $loadavg

Hostname $alignr $nodename
eth0 $alignr ${addr eth0}

Inbound $alignr ${downspeed eth0} kb/s
${downspeedgraph eth0}
Outbound $alignr ${upspeed eth0} kb/s
${upspeedgraph eth0}

$processes processes ($running_processes running)

CPU $alignr ${cpu cpu0}%
${cpubar cpu0}

MEM $alignc $mem / $memmax $alignr $memperc%

swap $alignc $swap / $swapmax $alignr $swapperc%

/ $alignc ${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /} $alignr ${fs_free_perc /}%
${fs_bar /}

/home $alignc ${fs_used /home} / ${fs_size /home} $alignr ${fs_free_perc /home}%
${fs_bar /home}

I am sold – there is no way I am going back! The LXDE is just amazing!

LXDE is a full desktop environment with OpenBox as window-manager. And believe me – it’s fast! My first run was under Xubuntu 8.04 on a Dell Latitude P4 1.8GHz 1GB ram. It handles Gnome, KDE, Xfce pretty well with its respective wm’s. Openbox is known to be fast, and with a minimalistic DE, I believe my choice is made!


LXDE is now in the official Debian repository. Just apt-get LXDE!

Also, a new wiki is on the horizon – and

I had to try – and it worked perfectly! I got tired of the Xubuntu-usplash loader – then I found this:

Works like a charm – nice to look at too 🙂 Need to edit your grub file – at your own risk! I installed the startupmanager as a workaround. There I am able to change the screen-resolution. The usplash-theme-chooser did not work properly, so followed the instruction in the readme-file in the fingerprint-download tar.gz.

For the startupmanager:

$ sudo apt-get install startupmanager

For the usplash fingerprint download:

$ wget

Extract and read the README-file for instructions.

I want to view a .lin file with the BBO-client, installed in wine under linux, when I click a link to a .lin file in Firefox.

Create a script which is used as a launcher in Firefox – example

par=`winepath -w “$*”`
wine “$loc” “$par”
exit 0

Be sure to make it executable chmod +x
Next time you click a .lin file in Firefox, Open With – locate – and check “Do this from now on..”.

A couple of distros have recently caught my attention.

  • Wolvix – a LiveDistro run from cd or usbflash
  • OzOs – ubuntu-based distro using the e17 wm/de

I will make a test run of these in VirtualBox under my current Ubuntu 8.04 beta.


This surprised me! A slackware based LiveDistro which comes in two version; cub – the smallest of the two designed to fit into a 256MB USB-stick, hunter – the full version for a 256MB USB-stick.

It comes with Xfce as default, with Fluxbox as an altenativ window manager – with a very nice wolvix-theme. Fluxbox WM is the fastest – it keeps on amazing me!

This is really an alternativ for a LiveDistro – if one needs to have Linux with oneself at all times. More on:


Comes with E17 Enlightment WM, which is very nice! Lots of eye-candy. The install cd did not work properly for me. I had to install manually install a command-line-interface (cli) with the ubuntu alternative livecd, and then install the correct packages. I was then up and running!

I have doubts this is will work on old hardware. I will need to try. Otherwise, it is highly customizable, which you need to be doing! More on

This howto sets up my LBP2900. A couple of easy steps – and voila.


The ccpd-deamon keeps crashing if the printer is not turned on. I just need to restart the daemon from the command-line for printing to work.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd start

I wanted to use an icon in a windows exe-file. I extractet the ico-file by using a tool called wrestool. It was found in a package, which was easily installed:

sudo apt-get install icoutils

I extracted the ico with this command:

wrestool -x --output=. -t14 file.exe

I could then easily convert the file to whatever, and place the file in my wanted location /usr/share/icons

Gnome’s Epiphany webbrowser uses the Gecko engine – Mozilla’s engine used in Firefox. It is lightweight and actually faster than Firefox.

Easy, lightweight, easy, and did I say lightweight?

Excellent image viewer with basic functions as resize, crop, rotate, slideshow etc. Picassa was my favorite on w…..s, but it has gotten some bugs when run under linux with Wine. This is a perfect replacement for me.

Mirage homepage