I have recently installed LXDE on a Tecra 8100 which mainly is to be used by my father. He is comfortable in WinXP, and to explain the concept of sudo and to have the “why type password”-discussion, is not something he’d gain much sense about. Thus – I’d like for him to be able to run a few selected commands as sudo without the need of typing the password.

I found this excellent article by Vivek Gite at Cyberciti.biz: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/allow-a-normal-user-to-run-commands-as-root.html.

It is quite excellent for the given purpose 🙂

For instance – I wanted to run pccardctl eject/insert/ident without typing password as sudo. I ran

sudo visudo

and appended:

myusername mymachinename= NOPASSWD: /sbin/pccardctl

Save – all done 🙂