Using SSH is somewhat not easy for a newbie. To copy files over SSH, you need long commands. So, why not just mount the remote filesystem on your local computer!

Fuse is a part of the latest kernel, so you don’t need to install fuse-utils (if you’re not sure if you have fuse, run lsmod | grep fuse.) So – install sshfs:

sudo aptitude install sshfs

You need permission to use the fuse function – so add yourself to the groups:

sudo usermod -a -G fuse username

Now – create a directory where you want the remote filesystem (make sure you are the owner of the directory). I choose /media/directory

cd /media
sudo mkdir ext_sys
sudo chown myusername:myusergroup ext_sys

Now – you mount the system (I use /media/ext_sys as mount point)

sshfs remote_username@remote_ip: /media/ext_sys

To unmount, run

fusermount -u /media/ext_sys

Got to love Linux! I had a problem with my usb-stick – but ssh popped into my head – and voila! You learn something everyday 🙂


You can allow the option to follow symlinks by adding ‘ -o follow-symlinks’

sshfs -o follow-symlinks user@server: /mnt/point