And it’s not half bad!

It’s fast – super fast! The browser itself executes and starts fast. Webkit html engine renders quickly.

Shockwave plugin crashed once, but started running when I refreshed the page. Imagine that!

Adobe Flash works, bookmarks from Firefox was imported. The only thing I am missing at the moment is Adblock Plus – which may be the best Firefox plugin ever made!

Java is not available … yet.

Sertificates – don’t know. I was actually reluctant to try it out! So this I will test another time.

I can’t wait for the release for Linux – certainly I am not converting TO Microsoft Windows just to use Google Chrome! lol


The Chrome Task manager is awesome. Rightclick on the Top menu bar. I have opened the 3 standard online newspapers in Norway – they are known to have a high percentage with ads – mostly Flash (Shockwave Flash). This is shown in the Chrome Task Manager. The plug-in itself uses ca. 95% of the CPU! But nothing lags – everything works smoothly – except the plugins of course. It was not until I duplicated all the three sessions that things started to go a bit slower. With only 3 tabs with the newspapers shows a memory usage of 90MB and a CPU usage of 95. This seems a bit much…. image what an adblock here would do.

The real fun part was to open Task manager and just kill the process with Flash – just the plugin! Awesome! So I suspect many plugins for Google Chrome to handle ads will come shortly

Also the about:memory lets you compare the memory usage between different browsers! Try it out folks!