Dropbox is THE file-share-over-multiple-systems thingy you’ll ever need! What is dropbox? Take a look at the image below – it says it all! In simple words – you have a folder on your computer, which is synced with an online folder at all times. You simply link every computer you want to this folder – and you have a share-folder! Version control, trash-can, public folder etc is available. It rocks!

I came across these to posts which is worth a read:

Both of them use a NON-gnome environment, and both came up with the same solution. Just download the Linux tar, start the daemon, and you are up and running! The hype about Nautilus/Gnome is that they have made a Nautilus-plugin – which you really don’t need.

I have made a request of choosing which filemanager you want to open your Dropbox-folder in. Hopefully – it will be heard!

Share over multiple systems

Share over multiple systems (from https://www.getdropbox.com/tour#3)

User control

Computers with several users who don’t want DropBox, may be somewhat turmoiled by the reoccuring registration window for DropBox. This is simply fixed – and a rather elegant and “WTP” solution was found on the DropBox forum, posted by user infinito d:

# addgroup dropbox
# chown root:dropbox /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-dropbox.*
# chmod 640 /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-dropbox.*
# adduser <username> dropbox

<username> is the user who will have Dropbox enabled. Repeat that steps to allow more users to use Dropbox. Be aware that paths are for Ubuntu, maybe those can change on other distros.

I personally use LXDE+Openbox on a Debian system. So I don’t have DropBox installed as a .deb-package. I rather have it located in at /opt/.dropbox-dist. And the daemon starts by having a .desktop file located in ~/.config/autostart which exec=/opt/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd, which would also be the location for the how-to above.

Updated – TrueCrypt and Dropbox

I have made new post which talks about TrueCrypt and Dropbox – check it out!