I was very surprised when I learned that there actually was a programming language named APL – A Programming Language!

I first got introduced to Java, C and C++ at school – first in my Bachelor in Computer Science – later to PHP, Pearl, SQL and Oracle in my first Programming job. As a hoppy, I took an interest in C and Python using GTK+. Now, I am using APL – with .NET and C# as the GUI front-end. I am work in a company called SimCorp, which specialize in financial applications. I am part of a small team which is only concerned with certain specialized tasks – in APL.

APL is at first sight (IMHO it is a very surprisingly versatile language) a kind of advanced Calculator Interface/language. However, it involved to be a powerful mathematical language, especially useful for finance and mathematical applications.

My first week in my new job is over. And I am very happy with it!