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I got tempted after reading several posts and reviews about Slitaz the other day. So I decided to try it out. Of course, “everything” runs fast in Qemu so I decided to burn a Live CD (my computers did not want to boot my usb-stick) – put it in my girlfriends “power-house” of a Acer Aspire 3000 and boot!

Of course, she got suspicious when she saw I was fiddling with her computer. And when I turned the laptop towards her, she immediately shouted out:

“Aaaah – why do I have a spider on my desktop! Get rid of that s***!”

Note: directly translated from a high-pitched, screaming Norwegian girl!

Ah – the joy of a nerd 🙂 I was happy. She saw a working Linux distribution ( yes – she has seen my desktop and laptop, but won’t touch it! ), and I managed to boot up one on her computer! And – it booted faster from the Live CD than from her WinXP install! She has only known Windows – but the only applications she is using daily, are OpenOffice and Firefox – so at least she’s using FOSS! She is halfway there!

But back to Slitaz. It rocks! BusyBox and Xvesa with Openbox, lxpanel and PCManfm – it’s almost a LiveCD of a “semi” LXDE. Because Slitaz IS a Live Distro – highly customizable and software which let you create your own “flavor” of the distribution. You should really check it out. They have their own package manager called tazpkg with the usuall set of packages, and a site with good documentation – and perhaps the most important thing – a growing community of users!

I know I am going to keep it with me at all times on a USB stick. Their site: .


I have Windows XP running in a virtual machine under GNU/Debian, with LXDE/Openbox as DE/WM. I use Qemu to run my virtual machine.

Now, I wanted to have Qemu running in desktop 4, fullscreen, above everything (including my lxpanel). A little adjustment in the rc.xml (lxde-rc.xml under LXDE) fixed this. You may set default action on every application you want to run. My entry looked like this:

<application class=”qemu-system-i386″>

I now reloaded my config file, and WinXP now runs fullscreen at default above everything in desktop 4! As easy as that!

I am running GNU/Debian using QEMU to run virtual machines. I needed USB support for my Windows virtual machine. This is easily done by adding the parameter ‘-usb’. You also need to specify some additional information.

I came across this great site. They had every information I needed.

First, mount your usb stick in Linux. You need the vendor and productid. This is shown when typing lsusb in the command line. It gave me this line:

Bus 003 Device 002: ID 1307:0165 Transcend Information, Inc.

1307 is the vendorid and 0165 is the productid. My new Qemu startup script now looks like this:

sudo qemu /room/vm/xp.img -std-vga -kernel-kqemu -m 1000 -usb -usbdevice host:1307:0165

Yes – you need root access to let qemu get access to the usb device.