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“SLiM is a Desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11” (slim)

You may add a preferred user to be auto-filled each time you start your computer – the username will be filled out, but you still have to accept, and enter your password.

default_user      firmit

But you may also auto-login by adding a new line below the default user:

auto_login       yes

Voila! I am unable to see this in the documentation – I got the tip from SliTaz forum – where I managed to enter the wrong email when I registered…. I had to register as firmitz…


An interesting application caught my eye the other day. As the Acer laptop I installed SliTaz on, is currently working beyond my wildest expectation, it would be a shame if all the work stored on it suddenly got lost. So – I was looking for some sort of backup solution. Of course, Dropbox works like a charm. But there exists other solutions too; rsync may be the most popular cli-tool using a cron-job to sync regularly.

With Box Backup, you set up a server, generate a CA – secure certificate – which you “give” (copy) to the client. The client is the computer which you would like to keep a backup of. You install the client, register an account on the server, install the certificate on the client, choose a pass-phrase which generates a secure key for you – which is used for encrypting the backup data! The data is then transfered via your LAN (if you have personal server setup for this), or the web, to a host providing this service.

So – I now have three options: rsync using a cron job, dropbox and box backup. I think the added feature of getting to the files online is superiour. At least if you use seveal computers regularly.

Acer Aspire 3000 – AMD 2800+ (1.6GHz) , 512 MB ram, 60 GB HD. Yes – my girlfriends laptop – the Windows fanatic. Some weeks ago I booted a liveCD of Slitaz on her laptop, and she totally freaked! But now – the tables have turned!

About two weaks ago, she was preparing a presentation in OO. I suggested she should save it in Gmail – as she did. But she wanted a copy on a usb-stick. Okei – so plug in a usb stick and copy it! But things did not go as planned. In fact – the laptop crashed completely, and never recovered… The system simply froze, and after a reboot and some odd minutes working normal again, it “stopped time” again!

So – after 3,5 years with the same install of Windows (with SP3), a reinstall was in order. But this did not help. The laptop worked for about 5 minutes before the system would freeze again. The mouse was the only thing that worked – the keyboard did not respond, the powerbutton was dead – so the only way of killing the system was by taking out the PS and battery.

Slitaz enters the field

So – I found my trusty companion Dell Latitude 2GHz going on 8 years, running GNU/Debian with LXDE. I installed WinXP to keep the peace and give here a known environment. I still need a workable Windows installation to be able to print satisfactory…

But the Acer was now under my command – and unbelievably – Slitaz runs without any trouble! I dual-booted the laptop just to conclude that the computer had gone Anti-Windows and still behaved irrational. To my satisfaction I found a fully workable, surprisingly-fast computer running a full distro under 25 MB (liveCD iso)!


Slitaz uses Busybox, Xvesa, Openbox, lxpanel and many taz-tools like their own package manager, tazpkg, which works excellent. It runs super fast! It also contains a lot of other lightweight appz like Dropbear, SQLite, lighttp, parcelite etc. A growing community create packages of their favorite FOSS and make it available at You may install Xorg, if Xvesa does not support your computer resolution, Abiword, Gnumeric, OpenOffice3 (in time) and many other favorites like mpd/mpc. The only big chunk of software on the distro is actually Firefox (Minefield).

I am still quite happy with my GNU/Debian LXDE installation, but I think I will try this on my desktop computer permantly – not just as a secondary distro – but as a primary distro. I am already using the greater part of it, but the backbone is completely different 🙂

Kudos to the guys at!