An interesting application caught my eye the other day. As the Acer laptop I installed SliTaz on, is currently working beyond my wildest expectation, it would be a shame if all the work stored on it suddenly got lost. So – I was looking for some sort of backup solution. Of course, Dropbox works like a charm. But there exists other solutions too; rsync may be the most popular cli-tool using a cron-job to sync regularly.

With Box Backup, you set up a server, generate a CA – secure certificate – which you “give” (copy) to the client. The client is the computer which you would like to keep a backup of. You install the client, register an account on the server, install the certificate on the client, choose a pass-phrase which generates a secure key for you – which is used for encrypting the backup data! The data is then transfered via your LAN (if you have personal server setup for this), or the web, to a host providing this service.

So – I now have three options: rsync using a cron job, dropbox and box backup. I think the added feature of getting to the files online is superiour. At least if you use seveal computers regularly.