Slitaz sets a new boot-time record on my desktop computer Intel Core 2 @ 2.13 GHz. The time it takes to actually start GRUB is painstaking. Mainly because I have physically mounted my external maxtor hd into the computer, but also the BIOS takes forever.

Anyway – adding conky, which I have used as a reference earlier, the time to boot Slitaz stable version 2 – is 19 seconds! (Using Xorg and auto login with Slim – and autostart Conky).

GNU/Debian/LXDE uses appr. 38 seconds – which I thought was a huge improvement from somewhat 50 seconds that Ubuntu 7.10 used.

Next thing now is figuring out what the heck is wrong with Minefield – it can’t even display Youtube correct. Opera rendered it correctly, but here the flash was not functioning. These two “hick-ups” are rather dissapointing…. I will investigate more, and report the “bug”.