Setting up lighty is simply too easy! On Slitaz it is a matter of downloading and start the server. Just point your browser to localhost and expect it to work!

When working with different projects it is handy to use subdomains or virtual hosts. Or – if you host different sites, virtual hosting is a must. It is also very simple to setup. Make sure the vhost.conf is read by lighttp.conf, and modify the former with your virtual host:

# /etc/lighttpd/vhost.conf
$HTTP["host"] =~ "(^|\.)bridge$" {
 server.document-root = "/home/tux/www/bridge"
 server.errorlog = "/home/tux/www/bridge/log"

Make sure you create the log file and set the approriate ownership on the file which is set in lighttpd.conf before restarting. I use www:www, thus

# su
# chown www:www /home/tux/www/bridge/log

Make sure you add the hostname to your /etc/hosts:

# echo " bridge" >> /etc/hosts
# /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart