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My first distro I installed two years ago was Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn; It simply rocked! Then came Gutys, which surpassed it. It was downhill from there.

Now, I am running Jaunty, and so far, I have no complains. Sound is a bit akward – I have no sound at about 60% sound level. Also, the huge memory usage is a bit unneccessary if you ask my, but I have more than enough of it! I feel it is way to heavy for my P4 1.8GHz, though Xubuntu 7.10 ran quite well on it.

Ah well – it’s fun to visit old friends 🙂


I am currently trying out Mint on my new laptop. I love its easy of use, and the fact that things simply works. My main issue at the moment is that I am unable to get sound from my headphone jack. After som searching it seems to be a kernel bug.

But the most annoying and intrusive behaviour is to be seen in Mint’s version of Firefox – the have their own custom google search. I like Google’s normal search result page! After some ranting on their forum, I eventually found a link to an old blog post explaining why they have included it. And I must admit – I understand their reasons. Also, I am very thankfull that they have posted a workaround or revert procedure on their own.

The reason is simple – money. They get money for using this custom search. So everytime we use, we are actually supporting Mint.


I ended up installing the original Google search. Time will show which one I’ll be using.

I recieved my new laptop from work yesterday. I did not have time to install Linux the first day. This was basically because I wanted to resize the pre-installed Vista partition, but the built in limitations in Vista prevented me from shrinking it to a wanted size.

I ended up reinstalling Vista and learn to find may way around. To the best of my knowledge, being a full-time Linux convert for two years, I must say that Vista suprised me. It is actually quite nice. The Sleep functionality is very good. The GUI is a big leap from XP, but the seeing the old icons from the Win95 days in the administrative windows was a real turn-off. All in all – I might just keep my Vista for connecting via Citrix to work. I have been able to do this on my Debian installation, but some keys are not functioning correctly.

Mint 7

SO – Linux – which distro to choose from… Mint 7 was on the dvd from LXF127 with the VERY COOL ECO-DISC. You can actually bend the dvd 180 degrees! Awesome! So I ended up installing Mint for the first time. I have noticed the increased popularity on Distrowatch for the last year, but I have ignored it. Mostly because I did not understand how a spinoff of the most popular linux distro of all time (Debian) could result in the currently most populare distro (Ubuntu) which again has resulted in the currently fifth most populare distro (Mint).

But to my surprise – it is actually quite nice! It is basically Ubuntu in a new look. The webpage is different too, with is glowing green color. But a second look inspired me – this may actually become the best alternative to future Windows converts!

On my new Dell Latitude E5400 everything worked out of the box. I had some flickering with X when loging out, but that’s not a big deal. Kudos to the team behind Mint!

I don’t know if it’ll remain my default distro, but maybe the GTD distro. I really like Slitaz and I’m beginning to fall in love with Arch. So time will show.