Well – I must admit, after getting a new laptop with a fresh install of Microsoft Vista sometime during the summer, I have been quite content. I am almost inclined to state, from a personal perspective, knowing I might ruin my reputation completely – Windows Vista does not suck that much! It is actually quite user-friendly for mortals.

The time span from my last Linux post till this one is not an indication or proof of any kind that I have started to regret enjoying free beer – oh no – I totally believe in FOSS and GNU/Linux, and other good freeware made available such as Opera, Skype and openSolaris. But I am a fulltime Windows user at work, and whenever I work from home via Citrix, it is more convenient to use Vista. Now, I am my groups test person of Windows 7, and I am actually looking forward to being apart of the workshop trying to migrate fully to 64 bit.

Ah well – Linux rules! But Windows Vista does not suck that much any longer.

Microsoft Office on the other hand…