Well – I must admit it looks nice. I do not like the fact that they change GUI for each release, albeit the last releases has not been big in that respect. But moving the close/maximize buttons to mimic Leopard is a bit to much in my eyes. It takes some getting used to.

Ubuntu One is suppose to give you a cloud based storing facility where you may sync files etc to multiple computers. This is a real competitor to Dropbox, and I suspect new Ubuntu-converts will start using this rather than Dropbox. Existing Dropbox users may find their existing cloud-sharing application to be very good, and like me, might be reluctant to convert to Ubuntu One.

I do welcome the Lucid Lynx! It looks nicer out of the box than I can remember. It boots rather quickly – I’d expect it has reached the 7.04 booting time again (finally). I have not experienced the usual issues with sound, skype etc. I even got my DagMagic external DAC to work via USB without any troubles. I just needed to manually select which device to give sound output to.

Spotify does loose it sound capabilities when I fiddle with Wine or the sound configuration – rather annoying really, but I can live with it. Only thing not working is to connect to work with a Citrix client – this has worked before so I might need to investigate more.

All in all – kudos to Canonical!