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Windows 7 does not provide any built-in quality backup software, but luckily, they provide a free product called SyncToy.

The product is very easy to use. You create a folder pair which are to be synced. You can choose to synchronize, echo or contribute; the former being the default, and in my eyes the expected behaviour. Using the synchronize setting, any changes you make on either the two folders, will be copied to the other folder. This allows multiple computers sync, e.g. photo from a server to multiple computers, where all editing will be synced to all computers.

The only real drawback, is that syncing must done manually. The changes are not synced in real-time. The help text provides an easy way to schedule a synchronisation event; using the Task Scheduler in Windows.


Microsofts Skydrive may be one of the best free cloud services out there today; at least when it comes to storage. Currently it offers 25GB, and no other provider is matching this (at the time I wrote this). Being a fan of Dropbox for some years, which also keeps a local copy on my harddrive, it will be hard for SkyDrive to put Dropbox aside as my preferred cloud service.

I’d like to keep a backup of all my photos, and measuring 16+GB and steadily increasing, I need more than the 2-5GB that Dropbox, BOX and other providers give for free. SkyDrive provides storage so why not use it!

I had trouble mapping the SkyDrive manually to Explorer; it simply did not allow other file types than Office files.

SkyDrive Explorer solved these issues. It is a freeware which easily gives access to your SkyDrive in a familiar GUI; Windows Explorer. So interfacing is no problem. And it transfer whatever you give it!

So far, it seems to run smoothly. There is a small lag, but it is acceptable. I guess this may be due to a low outgoing bitrate. I will have to test is more in order to see if it works properly, but as far as I can see, other reviewers online likes it as well.

For those interested in having a look at some snippets of APL code