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Came across this post. The gmail notifier did not work on my girlfriends exceptionally old computer….

This fixed it.


Tip of the day

Gmail supports plus-addressing of e-mails. Messages can be sent to addresses in the format, where extratext can be any string, and will arrive in the inbox of This allows users to sign up for different services with different aliases and then easily filter all e-mails from those services. In addition, should users start to receive spam messages that are directed to their e-mail address with the extra text, they will know what services have leaked out their e-mail address to others.(ref) However, some websites do not accept email addresses containing plus signs, despite the ‘+’ symbol being part of the mail address specification. (wikipedia)

I have personally noticed an increase of about 50% spam in my gmail account. I have registered my email so many different places, so I have no idea who the sinner is. I still regret the day I posten ONE post on a usenet group – in good faith because it was googlegroups. But my email was exposed. Never again!

Google Chrome – or Chromium – is now available to run under Wine.

Read more here.

Be aware – this is just a Proof-of-Concept. This is what CodeWeavers do – port Win appz to Linux and Mac using proprietary technology. Read more on their site.

Google Gadget is out. For Linux – apparently it has for some time now, but I recently picked it up. I have never had the urge for desktop gadgets, but I suspect many find them useful.

Came across this article at debianhelp today. And I think the author pretty much nails it! For everyone concerned about security – have a read ( if you’re using or thinking about installing google gadgets ).

Article at debianhelp.

I got a little laugh when I first read this – of course, Chrome is still Beta – but so is gmail 🙂 However, I do believe Google will fix this support-problem in the future 🙂 I did not get this message on my Debian-based computer. I had to turn on my girlfriends computer – in my Debian world it only stated that only Windows-browsers was supported… almost true… Google Chrome is not supported neither !