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My Home Media Iomega NAS works quite well. But of course I wanted to play a bit with it. And with help of the guys at everything started out quite nice!

But I they missed out on one detail, to get apt-get to work; I had no internet connection from my NAS.

Our friends over at Cibercity had of course had similare problems – with a missing gateway. So I executed

route add link-local gw router_ip eth0

and my problems were gone. Is swapped default with link-local, and router_ip was my local router ip: 192.168.x.x.

Oh – Fedore does not like my Dell – and Unity sucks – so Xubuntu – I am back!


I believe the ZumoDrive is the first real alternative to Dropbox. And their iPhone app rules! It also creates a mapped network drive instead of a folder, as Dropbox does. Their pricing is also more friendly – and that is important – at least for me!

My Iomega Home Media NAS made some funny noises the other day. I am getting scared that my only copy of digital music, and my backup of photos needs a new storage place! And how cool wouldn’t it be if this was in the Cloud!

I need 50+GB, so let’s see if ZumoDrive can give Dropbox a challenge.

Microsofts Skydrive may be one of the best free cloud services out there today; at least when it comes to storage. Currently it offers 25GB, and no other provider is matching this (at the time I wrote this). Being a fan of Dropbox for some years, which also keeps a local copy on my harddrive, it will be hard for SkyDrive to put Dropbox aside as my preferred cloud service.

I’d like to keep a backup of all my photos, and measuring 16+GB and steadily increasing, I need more than the 2-5GB that Dropbox, BOX and other providers give for free. SkyDrive provides storage so why not use it!

I had trouble mapping the SkyDrive manually to Explorer; it simply did not allow other file types than Office files.

SkyDrive Explorer solved these issues. It is a freeware which easily gives access to your SkyDrive in a familiar GUI; Windows Explorer. So interfacing is no problem. And it transfer whatever you give it!

So far, it seems to run smoothly. There is a small lag, but it is acceptable. I guess this may be due to a low outgoing bitrate. I will have to test is more in order to see if it works properly, but as far as I can see, other reviewers online likes it as well.

For those interested in having a look at some snippets of APL code

I noticed a rather strange thing just now, and I tried to reproduce it without any luck. I was surfing, doing my thing, when all of a sudden the bookmark star, on the right (v9.0.597.98), was no longer present….

This was a tab that had been open for a few restarts of chrome. Going back on step, and then back again, made it appear. But what is going on? Searching for similare events, just gives me “ah they moved it to the left – ah they moved it back to left – (then my favorite) AH – it’s back on the right again!”. Jeez…

Ah well – I bet I’ll never be able to reproduce it.

Let’s you call other iphone users having the viber app. It uses your wifi or 3g connection – which practially means it’s free! Android app in development. Free SMS is planned.

VOIP is not new. Skype has been around for ages, but this is directly marketed on iphones – phones being the primary target. And the fact that no registration is needed, besides your own telefon number, makes getting started easy!


I have noticed a drop in performance after upgrading to v4.2.1 of iOS. Especially noticeable when opening grouped applications. I wonder if it is possible to downgrade..? This is a big downside for me – if I knew about this, I would not have upgraded. Period!

Too late for that now. I have a non jailbroken iphone, so I’ll have to stick with this version I guess. One of the pros, is that the “Find my iphone” functionality is free with this version. And it works!

I finally took the step to buy myself a Sonos ZonePlayer 90. The main reason for the investment is the streaming service Spotify. It simply rules. You need to have a Premium membership, register it in the new 3.3 Sonos software, and you are on!

I did one error during the installation, which was setting my country to Denmark – where I do actually currently leave, but my Spotify subscription is in Norway. And as Spotify is not available in Denmark, Sonos does not show the option in their Music service list. But fear not – just login to your online account at Sonos, and change it. Then restart your Sonos Desktop controller and it magically appears. Excellent!

It is not superfast, when it comes to loading playlists etc, and the folder structure is not currently implemented. But I am confident it will be implemented! Kudos once more to Spotify – and Sonos!

Linux have tools for everything. Converting a pdf into another document type is as simple as it get.

Abiword and OpenOffice both supports opening pdf and saving them in the desired format. But a more elegant command line tool exists;

pdftotext doc.pdf doc.txt

All sorts of options are allowed – try it out!