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I am currently trying out Mint on my new laptop. I love its easy of use, and the fact that things simply works. My main issue at the moment is that I am unable to get sound from my headphone jack. After som searching it seems to be a kernel bug.

But the most annoying and intrusive behaviour is to be seen in Mint’s version of Firefox – the have their own custom google search. I like Google’s normal search result page! After some ranting on their forum, I eventually found a link to an old blog post explaining why they have included it. And I must admit – I understand their reasons. Also, I am very thankfull that they have posted a workaround or revert procedure on their own.

The reason is simple – money. They get money for using this custom search. So everytime we use, we are actually supporting Mint.


I ended up installing the original Google search. Time will show which one I’ll be using.


I just installed Debian Lenny with LXDE on a Dell Inspiron 8600. Iceweasel is now default in LXDE, but there seems to be some kind of permission problem. I was not able to start Iceweasel as a normal user – It only ran as root!

The problem was that ~/.mozilla did not belong to the user, but rather to root! So I changed ownership, and everything worked just fine!

cd ~
sudo chown <myusername>:<mygroup> .mozilla

I have not had much trouble with speed using my Debian/LXDE with Firefox/Iceweasel. But after I moved, and connected my computer to a new network, things turned around! It was veeery slow!

However, it was easily solvable – goto about:config in firefox and set

network.dns.disableIPv6 = true

This changed everything!

Long time since last post – thought I’d welcome FF3rc1. They are getting there!

Installing Firefox in Debian is not as straight forward as in Ubuntu due to Iceweasel and something about copyrighted (not GNU) firefox logo (or whatever). I downloaded the source from and run Firefox in the directory. So it’s not really installed per se.

Still, Firefox 3rc1 is not half bad! It runs quite smoothly. It also seems to be a little faster than the previous versions.

I want to view a .lin file with the BBO-client, installed in wine under linux, when I click a link to a .lin file in Firefox.

Create a script which is used as a launcher in Firefox – example

par=`winepath -w “$*”`
wine “$loc” “$par”
exit 0

Be sure to make it executable chmod +x
Next time you click a .lin file in Firefox, Open With – locate – and check “Do this from now on..”.

This annoyed me simply too much. It actually made me startup a wordpress blog where I can post my own personal tips – mostly for myself, just to remember!

Everytime I started writing an url, firefox came up with several suggestion based upon history and bookmarks. This got to stop!
Goto: about:config, find browser.urlbar.maxRichResults and set value to 0.

Nomore autosuggestions in the urlbar.