Microsofts Skydrive may be one of the best free cloud services out there today; at least when it comes to storage. Currently it offers 25GB, and no other provider is matching this (at the time I wrote this). Being a fan of Dropbox for some years, which also keeps a local copy on my harddrive, it will be hard for SkyDrive to put Dropbox aside as my preferred cloud service.

I’d like to keep a backup of all my photos, and measuring 16+GB and steadily increasing, I need more than the 2-5GB that Dropbox, BOX and other providers give for free. SkyDrive provides storage so why not use it!

I had trouble mapping the SkyDrive manually to Explorer; it simply did not allow other file types than Office files.

SkyDrive Explorer solved these issues. It is a freeware which easily gives access to your SkyDrive in a familiar GUI; Windows Explorer. So interfacing is no problem. And it transfer whatever you give it!

So far, it seems to run smoothly. There is a small lag, but it is acceptable. I guess this may be due to a low outgoing bitrate. I will have to test is more in order to see if it works properly, but as far as I can see, other reviewers online likes it as well.