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The sound control on lxpanel only handles one channel. But let’s say I want to control mute/unmute on mic by a handy shortcut! Two handy scripts fixes this, which can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut in Openbox or your preferred WM/DE.

amixer set Mic 80% mute > /dev/null
amixer set Mic 80% unmute > /dev/null

You may of course choose any other control you want – ie PCM:

amixer set PCM 10%+ > /dev/null

Will increase sound by 10%.


I just installed CLI from the alternate hardy heron ubuntu iso. I was going to add the necessary repositories to install LXDE from the PCMan’s repository. The only problem was that my keyboard did not want to type the character [tilde]=~.

My workaround

From my main install, I created and uploaded a file called [tilde.txt] which contained only the ONE character ‘~’. I was able to get this and append it to sources.list – and voila 🙂

$ wget http://location/tilde.txt
$ sudo su
$ cat tilde.txt >> /etc/apt/sources.list

I could now complete the full deb-location and install.