A couple of distros have recently caught my attention.

  • Wolvix – a LiveDistro run from cd or usbflash
  • OzOs – ubuntu-based distro using the e17 wm/de

I will make a test run of these in VirtualBox under my current Ubuntu 8.04 beta.


This surprised me! A slackware based LiveDistro which comes in two version; cub – the smallest of the two designed to fit into a 256MB USB-stick, hunter – the full version for a 256MB USB-stick.

It comes with Xfce as default, with Fluxbox as an altenativ window manager – with a very nice wolvix-theme. Fluxbox WM is the fastest – it keeps on amazing me!

This is really an alternativ for a LiveDistro – if one needs to have Linux with oneself at all times. More on: wolvix.org


Comes with E17 Enlightment WM, which is very nice! Lots of eye-candy. The install cd did not work properly for me. I had to install manually install a command-line-interface (cli) with the ubuntu alternative livecd, and then install the correct packages. I was then up and running!

I have doubts this is will work on old hardware. I will need to try. Otherwise, it is highly customizable, which you need to be doing! More on CafeLinux.org