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I really must say that Firefox has always been slow to me when it comes to speed with WordPress. Chrome still has some speed potential, but it surpasses Firefox – running with Gears – by a mile!

I am guessing this has something to do with both the rendering engine, and the javascript engine. Nevertheless – Chromium is becoming my main browser!


I tend to forget how to do this, so here it is:
Install, restart, goto the site and rightclick in the searchbar on the site.

I am currently trying out Mint on my new laptop. I love its easy of use, and the fact that things simply works. My main issue at the moment is that I am unable to get sound from my headphone jack. After som searching it seems to be a kernel bug.

But the most annoying and intrusive behaviour is to be seen in Mint’s version of Firefox – the have their own custom google search. I like Google’s normal search result page! After some ranting on their forum, I eventually found a link to an old blog post explaining why they have included it. And I must admit – I understand their reasons. Also, I am very thankfull that they have posted a workaround or revert procedure on their own.

The reason is simple – money. They get money for using this custom search. So everytime we use, we are actually supporting Mint.


I ended up installing the original Google search. Time will show which one I’ll be using.

I like to have my desktop setup in a certain way. Especially I like to have Firefox/Minefield in fullscreen mode on its own desktop. Openbox lets you automate this. You might want to use xprop, as the inline comments in rc.xml says, to identify windows. I did this – but I was fooled. I use Slitaz at the moment, and xprop gives the following information:

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Navigator", "Minefield"

The name attribute returns the webpage you’re on, so that’s useless. BUT – using either Navigator or Minefield in the rc.xml fails – it is executed by “firefox-bin”! I spent way to much time on this, so I am actually considering notifying the developer about this behaviour. My rc.xml now looks like this:

<application name="firefox-bin">

I wanted to hide the menu bar in addition to the Bookmarks and Navigation bar. This simple add-on fixes it.

I just installed Debian Lenny with LXDE on a Dell Inspiron 8600. Iceweasel is now default in LXDE, but there seems to be some kind of permission problem. I was not able to start Iceweasel as a normal user – It only ran as root!

The problem was that ~/.mozilla did not belong to the user, but rather to root! So I changed ownership, and everything worked just fine!

cd ~
sudo chown <myusername>:<mygroup> .mozilla

I have not had much trouble with speed using my Debian/LXDE with Firefox/Iceweasel. But after I moved, and connected my computer to a new network, things turned around! It was veeery slow!

However, it was easily solvable – goto about:config in firefox and set

network.dns.disableIPv6 = true

This changed everything!

I want to view a .lin file with the BBO-client, installed in wine under linux, when I click a link to a .lin file in Firefox.

Create a script which is used as a launcher in Firefox – example

par=`winepath -w “$*”`
wine “$loc” “$par”
exit 0

Be sure to make it executable chmod +x
Next time you click a .lin file in Firefox, Open With – locate – and check “Do this from now on..”.

Gnome’s Epiphany webbrowser uses the Gecko engine – Mozilla’s engine used in Firefox. It is lightweight and actually faster than Firefox.