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  • From time to time, when wanting to search my device (iPad), the onscreen keyboard does not pop up.
  • Newsstand – shouldn’t the downloads sync between my iPad and iPhone?
  • installation process of iOS 5 when quite smooth on iPad vs iPhone. I actually thought something was wrong until I picked up my iPhone and saw that it was actually waiting for me…
  • I have had crashes in app store, safari, newsstand, opera, music, Flipboard. This is not good apple!
  • And why am I not allowed to save photos to existing albums – why do I have to create a new one?
  • Downloading video podcasts does not set downloading state – but actually allows me to que multiple downloads of same podcast.
  • Existing notes on phone were not migrated to iCloud once set up. However, one devices with no notes, choosing device as default for notes, is not an option… I guess they want people to use iCloud.
    (i manually moved them to iCloud including the excellent question that Walter recieved:
    Is it true that women age like fine wine?
    My wife age like milk! – Walter via Jeff Dunham )
  • how on earth do I share a calendar from my iPad?? just show some default page…
  • TBA
As a side note, on – i am allowed to mark the same mail unread twice, making the count for unread mail be two, when the only mail I have is the welcome mail to icloud.
And after I read the mail, and chose a different folder, it turned “unread” again. I had to delete it completely to make it stop. Now I have a strange behavior for Notes. I clicked one as “unread” – but “reading” the note, does not update the unread counter on the folder for Notes.
That aside, I like the simple interface and settings menu. This will be a real seller for non-techy people.