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I was looking for an answer to this. And found this answer on forum


I finally took the step to buy myself a Sonos ZonePlayer 90. The main reason for the investment is the streaming service Spotify. It simply rules. You need to have a Premium membership, register it in the new 3.3 Sonos software, and you are on!

I did one error during the installation, which was setting my country to Denmark – where I do actually currently leave, but my Spotify subscription is in Norway. And as Spotify is not available in Denmark, Sonos does not show the option in their Music service list. But fear not – just login to your online account at Sonos, and change it. Then restart your Sonos Desktop controller and it magically appears. Excellent!

It is not superfast, when it comes to loading playlists etc, and the folder structure is not currently implemented. But I am confident it will be implemented! Kudos once more to Spotify – and Sonos!