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I was looking for an answer to this. And found this answer on forum


I finally took the step to buy myself a Sonos ZonePlayer 90. The main reason for the investment is the streaming service Spotify. It simply rules. You need to have a Premium membership, register it in the new 3.3 Sonos software, and you are on!

I did one error during the installation, which was setting my country to Denmark – where I do actually currently leave, but my Spotify subscription is in Norway. And as Spotify is not available in Denmark, Sonos does not show the option in their Music service list. But fear not – just login to your online account at Sonos, and change it. Then restart your Sonos Desktop controller and it magically appears. Excellent!

It is not superfast, when it comes to loading playlists etc, and the folder structure is not currently implemented. But I am confident it will be implemented! Kudos once more to Spotify – and Sonos!

Spotify Inc has finally released a preview of their excellent music service Spotify for Linux. And it works!

I am in awe! Kudos to the developers at

They have created an MPD server which connects to Spotify – use your favorite client to connect to the MPD server and start playing!

For now I am only able to use the despotify library due some glitch in the implementation of libspotify – it’s if it runs in double speed, skipping some bits here and there. The issue has already been issued – so I am waiting for a solution still.

But – jodal at mopidy – did it! What everyone is waiting for! When this is released in a stable version, I am willing to bet this will be a big hit!

Well – I must admit it looks nice. I do not like the fact that they change GUI for each release, albeit the last releases has not been big in that respect. But moving the close/maximize buttons to mimic Leopard is a bit to much in my eyes. It takes some getting used to.

Ubuntu One is suppose to give you a cloud based storing facility where you may sync files etc to multiple computers. This is a real competitor to Dropbox, and I suspect new Ubuntu-converts will start using this rather than Dropbox. Existing Dropbox users may find their existing cloud-sharing application to be very good, and like me, might be reluctant to convert to Ubuntu One.

I do welcome the Lucid Lynx! It looks nicer out of the box than I can remember. It boots rather quickly – I’d expect it has reached the 7.04 booting time again (finally). I have not experienced the usual issues with sound, skype etc. I even got my DagMagic external DAC to work via USB without any troubles. I just needed to manually select which device to give sound output to.

Spotify does loose it sound capabilities when I fiddle with Wine or the sound configuration – rather annoying really, but I can live with it. Only thing not working is to connect to work with a Citrix client – this has worked before so I might need to investigate more.

All in all – kudos to Canonical!

I am in love with Spotify – that’s all I have to say.

For all of you who currently do not get to enjoy this excellent streaming service, I would highly recommend Grooveshark. That is referred to as the ‘Spotify of the US’ by TechCrunch. I like the Spotify UI better, but I like the flexibility of a browser version that Grooveshark give me.

All in all – Spotify and Grooveshark are really two excellent Music streaming services, and both have a free account available.

Don’t stop the music!