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My Home Media Iomega NAS works quite well. But of course I wanted to play a bit with it. And with help of the guys at everything started out quite nice!

But I they missed out on one detail, to get apt-get to work; I had no internet connection from my NAS.

Our friends over at Cibercity had of course had similare problems – with a missing gateway. So I executed

route add link-local gw router_ip eth0

and my problems were gone. Is swapped default with link-local, and router_ip was my local router ip: 192.168.x.x.

Oh – Fedore does not like my Dell – and Unity sucks – so Xubuntu – I am back!


I have used my own built computer as a sharing machine the last couple of years. This means I have to keep it running at all times, or manually turn the beast on each time I need access to my videos, pictures and music.

Yesterday I finally bought an entry-level NAS – the Iomega home media network storage at 1TB, priced at €120,-.

The cloud reports various experiences with this device – good and bad. Mine started out bad. The three steps printed out on the box and in the Quick guide did not work for me. I read that there were some serious issues with DHCP with this device and setting a static IP should solve the discovery issue – naturally. However, this was not so easy when I did not know the IP-address! It was not discovered by the included software.

I had already used way to much hours on this, when I finally linked it directly to my computer, and not via my router. And voila – I was able to gain access and change the IP address to something legal in my LAN.

It’s up and running now, and I am able to stream music, movies and pictures directly to my Samsung TV with my LG BD player. I love it! I hope the usage experience will be good, as there has been some reports about NAS-“outage” after a couple of months use. We’ll see.